PUBLIC CALL  for the selection of additional staff/experts for the position

PUBLIC CALL for the selection of additional staff/experts for the position

Pursuant to Article 7 of the Rulebook on selection procedure and manner of engagement of additional staff/experts to implement special, international and bilateral agreements in the Directorate for European Integration (DEI) No. 05-02-3-BT-762/20 of 11 September 2020 and 05/A-02-3-KT-762-2 of 22 September 2021, and the Decision of the DEI Director No. 05/A-34-SB-819/21 of 04 October 2021, pursuant to the provisions of the Special Agreement on Grants signed between Sweden and DEI, Directorate for European Integration announces


for the selection of additional staff/experts for the position

Finance Manager for the period of 20 months, from 15 November 2021 to 15 July 2023, with four working hours daily and based in Sarajevo (one position).

Job description:

·         Providing expert assistance to efficiently implement the activities related to all three budgetary Project Lines of Special Agreement between Sweden and DEI, in compliance with the laws, regulations and internal acts governing the DEI’s operations, including the following tasks: 

-          tracking financial data (cash flows, expenses incurred, payments and remaining funds);

-          technical examination of invoices;  

-          checking whether invoices issued for project activities are in accordance with the agreement, i.e. purchase order, and the budget;

-          tracking and recording cash flows of all three budget lines;

-          preparing necessary documentation and requests for VAT refund;

-          preparing and submitting financial reports pursuant to the Special Agreement between Sweden and DEI;

-          preparing requests for amendments to the project plan, if necessary;

-          preparing requests for budget revisions;

-          participating in public procurement procedures, including preparation of relevant technical documentation for activities and expenses planned within the Project;

-          informing project teams in the event of any unplanned deviations from the project's budget;

-          consolidating annual and final narrative reports for all three components of the project, and reviewing and harmonising reports in cooperation with project managers;

·         providing all necessary support to the selected auditing firm during control of financial operations, project audit and drafting audit reports;

·         performing other tasks related to the Special Agreement between Sweden and DEI.

General legal requirements:

-         citizen of Bosnia and Herzegovina

-         medically fit to perform duties for this position

Specific requirements

-         university degree, Faculty of Economics, level VII qualifications or minimum 180 or 240 ECTS credits under the Bologna system of higher education;

-     minimum three years of professional experience after graduation, of which minimum one year of professional experience in managing projects financed by international donors;

-     knowledge of English, minimum B2 level

-     sound knowledge of standard software packages (MS Office).

Desirable requirements:

-          excellent communication and presentation skills

-          knowledge of legislation and rules governing taxation, accounting, reporting and relevant Law on Public Procurement of BiH


Necessary documents:

·        motivation letter in one official language in Bosnia and Herzegovina (handwritten signature)

·        CV in English on a given form (handwritten signature)

·        copy of Citizenship Certificate not older than six months as of the date of issuance by a competent body

·         copy of university diploma

·         copy of Certificate of work experience in a given profession

·         copy of document proving the required level of English language knowledge

·         copy of document proving the knowledge of standard software packages (MS Office).

You can download the required CV template here.

The candidates who have submitted timely and complete applications and who meet the requirements from the public call, will be invited for an oral test of knowledge required under the job description, i.e. for an interview.

Exceptionally, and depending on the epidemiological situation at the time of the interview, Directorate for European Integration will retain the right to organise an online video interview with candidates. The DEI will inform the candidates thereof in due time.

Applications should be submitted in a closed envelope within eight (8) days as of the publication day and sent exclusively by registered post to the following address


Directorate for European Integration

Đoke Mazalića 5

71 000 Sarajevo


It is necessary to indicate on the envelope:


Prijava na javni oglas za poziciju „FINANSIJSKI MENADŽER“


(Application for a public call for the position of “FINANCE MANAGER”


Incomplete and untimely applications will not be considered.

NOTE: The selected candidate will be hired by concluding a service contract with the Directorate for European Integration.

Before signing the service contract, the selected candidate is obliged to submit original or certified copies of all necessary documents, if they were not enclosed in the application, along with the Certificate of no criminal record not older than three months and a document proving medical fitness.

Copies of documents enclosed with the application for the public call will not be returned to the candidates.