A Director represents the Directorate and has powers and responsibilities to manage and coordinate its work.

The Support Department is an autonomous internal organisational unit of the Directorate. It carries out the tasks which facilitate the smooth functioning and implementation of the Director’s work plan and programme. The department coordinates initiatives and activities which require involvement of several organisational units of the Directorate. It also coordinates medium term and annual planning, monitoring and reporting activities of the Directorate. It is responsible for internal communication when it comes to the exercise of the Director’s powers and for communication with the media.

The Division facilitates and supports participation of the Directorate in the activities of drafting and proposing policies, laws and other legislation and guidelines to successfully implement BiH’s obligations stemming from the EU integration process. It coordinates the European integration activities of BiH authorities and monitors implementation of their decisions. The Division also coordinates operational contacts of the Directorate as the main partner to the competent EU institutions and coordinates cooperation of the BiH authorities with the EC and other relevant EU bodies.

The Division plans, coordinates, supervises, reports and proposes measures for alignment of the BiH legislation with the EU acquis. It provides professional assistance to the institutions in BiH in the process of legislative alignment and checks compliance of BiH legislation with the EU acquis.

The Division coordinates strategic planning, programming, monitoring, evaluation and reporting on EU pre-accession assistance and other EU assistance programmes to BiH. It acts as a National IPA Coordinator’s Office and the secretariat for the National Investment Committee providing professional and administrative assistance as well as a project partner for BiH in the projects of support to EU strategy management for various regions and initiatives.

The Division organises and monitors the human resources development of the Directorate, develops competencies of the employees through professional training, carries out normative and legal tasks related to employment, deals with financial and accounting matters related to the budget of the Directorate and public procurement, plans the development and maintenance of the IT system, manages electronic registry, library, archives and general affairs.

The Division provides support to the institutions of BiH in the European Integration process to meet the pre-accession commitments by providing access to translation of various documents of the EU. It builds up a body of knowledge and experience in translation of legislation and develops the terminology necessary for alignment of BiH legislation with the EU acquis before and after accession to the EU.

The Division communicates about the European integration process and about the activities of the Directorate and provides training in the field of European integration.

The Unit is an autonomous internal organisational unit of the Directorate dealing with the participation of BiH in the EU programmes of cross-border and transnational cooperation.

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