TAIEX (Technical Assistance and Information Exchange)

TAIEX is the short-term technical assistance and information exchange instrument of the European Commission at disposal to public administrations of both the pre-accession countries and the new Member States in the field of approximation and enforcement of EU legislation.

The role of TAIEX is to mediate between experts and users. The experts participating in the TAIEX instrument are exclusively from the EU Member States.

The experts are usually representatives of the administration of an EU Member State and/or EU institutions. The experts from individual universities may also be engaged.

The Directorate for European Integration of the Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina is the main coordinator of all TAIEX activities for Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In Bosnia and Herzegovina, the beneficiaries of TAIEX assistance are the following:

Ø  civil servants working in public administrations (state level, the Entities and the Brčko District of BiH);

Ø  the judiciary and law enforcements agencies;

Ø  members of parliament and civil servants working in parliaments and legislative bodies;

Ø  professional and commercial associations representing social partners, as well as representatives of trade unions and employers’ associations;


TAIEX does not provide direct support to civil society organisations, private citizens or to individual companies.


TAIEX provides the following services:

Workshops, seminars or conferences are organised for larger groups of representatives of the beneficiary countries, by acquis chapter, where experts from an EU Member State present experiences from a specific part of EU legislation.

Seminars and workshops may be organised for representatives of only one beneficiary country, or multilateral seminars and workshops which provide opportunities for the exchange of experiences among beneficiary countries. Such events are organised in the duration of one to three days.

Study visits provide an opportunity for a delegation of a maximum of three practitioners to take part in a study visit to an EU Member State lasting up to five days. The aim is to gain direct knowledge in practical application of a specific part of EU legislation. Study visits focus on technical questions relating to implementation of acquis.


Expert mission is a form of assistance when the expert(s) of EU Member States are sent to the beneficiary country, at the request of the host country, for at most five days to provide a smaller group of representatives of an institution with in-depth advice on the transposition, implementation or enforcement of a specific part of EU legislation.

Series of events is a form of TAIEX assistance that allows the successive use of different types of assistance or one type of assistance multiple times, with the proviso of existing thematic connection. Instead of submitting several applications, the applicant can apply for several types of assistance by filling in one form.



Once you decide which type of assistance you wish to apply for, it is necessary to fill in the required application form in English and submit it to the Directorate for European Integration at the e-mail address: taiexbih@dei.gov.ba

If the application is properly filled in, the Directorate for European Integration will forward it to the TAIEX Office in Brussels.


If it is incomplete/incorrect, the Directorate for European Integration returns the application and provides technical assistance to the applicant to correct it. 

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In order to continue providing the most effective TAIEX assistance during the COVID-19 pandemic, TAIEX events will be conducted on-line whenever possible. To that end, a guide for on-line events is available at the following link:


Manual for online TAIEX events without interpretation

The European Commission has identified priority sectors for intervention. Applications from these sectors will have priority and they will be submitted via a special form available at the following link:


Simplified application form for COVID-related TAIEX requests

The completed form should be submitted to the Directorate for European Integration by email taiexbih@dei.gov.ba. After verification, the form will be forwarded to the TAIEX Office in Brussels. 

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