In order to continue providing the most effective TAIEX assistance during the COVID‑19 pandemic, TAIEX events will be conducted on-line whenever possible. To that end, a guide for on-line events is available at the following link:


Manual for online TAIEX events without interpretation


The European Commission has identified priority sectors for intervention. Applications from these sectors will have priority and they will be submitted via a special form available at the following link:


Simplified application form for COVID-related TAIEX requests


The completed form should be submitted to the Directorate for European Integration by email taiexbih@dei.gov.ba. After verification, the form will be forwarded to the TAIEX Office in Brussels.

The priority sectors are the following:


ü  digital (interoperable IT components and systems, e-government, cyber ​​security, e-education, e-health);

ü  security (cybercrime, police, border management, civil protection, internal security);

ü  internal market (statistics, custom, finance, audit);

ü  health (health services, young people`s wellbeing, education, support for vulnerable groups, social security, domestic balance, food safety);

ü  rule of law (gender equality);

ü  environment (managing civil aviation).


It is important to note that most application should focus on health sector (short and long-term response to the crisis at the institutional and operational level) and economic recovery (mitigating the impact of COVID-19 in terms of employment policy support for the most vulnerable (women and youth) as well as support to small and medium enterprises/start-ups).


Official TAIEX website: https://ec.europa.eu/neighbourhood-enlargement/tenders/taiex_en