Mediterranean Programme (MED)

The Mediterranean Transnational Cooperation Programme (MED)

Year 2007* 2008* 2009* 2010** 2011** 2012** 2013**
MED          / 0.1 0.1 0.92 1.3 1.5 1.8

amounts in EUR million
*) allocation for BiH;  **) single IPA fund for all IPA beneficiary countries

Overall objective of the programme is to improve the competitiveness of the Mediterranean area with the aim to promote growth and employment opportunities for future generations, including  territorial cohesion and environment protection in the light of sustainable growth.

Priority 1: Strengthening innovation capacities

Measure 1.1: Integration of innovative technologies and knowledge;

Measure 1.2: Improvement of strategic cooperation between stakeholders in the area of economic development and public institutions.

Priority 2: Environment protection and promotion of sustainable territorial development

Measure 2.1: Protection and improvement of natural resources and heritage;

Measure 2.2: Promotion of renewable energy sources and improvement of energy efficiency;

Measure 2.3: Prevention of risks at sea and strengthening of safety at sea;

Measure 2.4: Prevention and fight against natural catastrophes.

Priority 3:
 Improvement of mobility and territorial accessibility

Measure 3.1: Improvement of mobility and accessibility of transit capacities through multimodality and inter-modality;

Measure 3.2: Support to the application of Information Technologies for better accessibility and cooperation

Priority 4:
 Promotion of integrated and polycentric development of the Mediterranean area

Measure 4.1: Coordination of development policies and improvement of the territorial management;

Measure 4.2: Integrity strengthening and development of cultural resources for better integration of the MED area.

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